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The Decca Bed and Breakfast, Self-Catering Cottages, and Retreat Centre

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About The Decca

Converted Radio Navigation Station

The Decca is a former radio navigation station in the northwest of the Isle of Lewis near the Butt of Lewis. It has been converted into a family home and self catering cottages. The conversion has retained some of the industrial features whilst creating bedrooms, a dining room & a lounge that are comfortable & welcoming.

Please note, we do not accept pets, motorhomes, or campervans on our property.

We are situated near the beautiful Eoropie beach and within the glorious Loch Stiapabhat nature reserve with its wildlife observatory just a 5-minute walk away.

Eoropie Dunes award-winning children’s play-park, a swimming pool and sports centre (gym, sauna, sports hall, 10-pin bowling) also just a short walk away & the Butt of Lewis lighthouse is just a 5 minute drive.

About David & Ariana

Awesome Together Since 2010

We are one of those unusual couples who truly love spending all our time together. We knew we wanted to spend our lives together within about a month of knowing each other, and we’ve never spent more than a week or two apart.

We fell in love with the Isle of Lewis on our first visit here in 2017. The opportunity to run a bed and breakfast/ guest house/ retreat center at The Decca seemed the perfect way for us to enjoy the island and continue spending nearly all our time together.

We moved here to enjoy a slower pace of life — to be in a place where the neighbors are helpful and know who you are. To focus on making the most out of everyday life, rather than living somewhere the cost of living is so high we’d have to spend all our time working. Mostly, we moved here so our son could grow up in (what feels to us) a space away from the hustle and views of modern life: the billboards and digital everything that takes us away from the natural world. Here, in this beautiful place, it’s far easier to remember that we are nature — we’re not separate from the Earth and her creatures.

Together, we’ve travelled throughout Scotland, Ireland, the USA (31 states and counting!), Mexico, Italy, England, and France. As much as we love to travel, living on Lewis is a dream come true for us.

We warmly welcome guests of all colors, ethnicities, cultures, nationalities, genders, orientations, and spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof). We look forward to welcoming  you with warm hospitality, kindness, humour, and the little touches that make being away from home comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable.

All kind hearts are welcome here.

Before The Decca

Ariana comes from an entrepreneurial family and started her first business in 2000. She has worked in a wide range of industries from wholistic health to finance business strategy, and marketing, and is a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree from the University of Edinburgh. She is passionate about learning, brainstorming, meditation, and enjoying the world in all its beauty and diversity.

David’s degree in software technologies has served us well in every business we’ve run together. As a real estate agent in the United States, he learned a great deal about home improvement, maintenance, and fixing unexpected problems of all sorts. He loves cooking, scrubbing toilets (just kidding), history, exercising (body and mind), football, and whisky.

When we’re not at home, chances are we’re walking the stunning beaches of Lewis and Harris, visiting stone circles and chambered cairns, or further afield — experiencing new cultures, foods, and ways of being.