Staying at The Decca Self Catering Cottages

What do you provide?

All the bathrooms have Highland Soap Company, soap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. We also provide enough toilet paper for your stay.

The cottages have tea, coffee, hot chocolate and some basic condiments.

All towels and linens are also provided.

Can we have groceries delivered ahead of time?

Both the co-op and tesco can deliver groceries  to The Decca. The co-op is a bit easier. The Co-op can generally deliver with one or two days notice (not on Sunday though). You can place your order online at Tesco will also deliver but it can be difficult to get a time slot. You can order and pay through their website If you choose to have anything delivered we just ask that you give us a heads up to expect your shopping. When asked for the postcode it is HS2 0XB, and the address is Decca Station.

When is Check-in/ Check-out?

Check-in is anytime after 4pm and check-out is before 10am.

Can I get an early check-in/ late check-out?

If we can make it work we will try to accomodate check-in/check-out requests. Communication is key though, so please give us as much notice as possible. Our cleaner generally turns up at 10am sharp and has to be paid even if your not ready to leave. We charge a £40 fee if the cleaner has to wait around.

Do the cottages have washing machines?

The Muirneag Cottage has a washing machine but the Fianais Cottage does not. Due to how the kitchens are plumbed there’s only space for one plumbed appliance. Muirneag has a washing machine and Fianais has a dishwasher. There is shared hanging space outside and both cottages have a clothes horse. There is a laundrette in Cross around 2.5 miles from us.

Can we park our motorhome at The Decca?

Unfortunately, we have limited parking at The Decca so have to reserve those spaces for guests.

Can we bring pets to The Decca?

Unfortunately, we have a strict no pets policy.

I’m coming on a Sunday. What is open?

On Lewis, Sundays are traditionally a day of rest. Therefore the restaurants, pubs and shops are generally closed. There are also no deliveries on Sundays. Please plan ahead if arriving on a Sunday. If you are expecting to have groceries delivered please plan to have them delivered before Sunday. We are happy to hold onto items for you (within reason, if you’re getting a large amount of items that need refrigerated we need to make sure we have space).  Cross Inn does serve meals on Sundays, but with limited hours (12:30-4:30pm), so plan ahead!

How does check-in work?

We do a self check-in. This means you can check-in at any time after 4pm on your arrival date. The door will be unlocked prior to your arrival. We live next door so will be around if required but we generally respect your privacy and won’t bother you unless we are requested to come over to fix an issue.

Can we stay at The Decca for a work related trip?

Yes you can, we get contractors staying with us often. If you need a stay of 7 days or more, we offer a 20% discount. You can also arrange for groceries to be delivered. See the relevant FAQ above for information on how to arrange this.

What if my ferry is cancelled?

It doesn’t happen often but sometimes ferries can be cancelled due to bad weather. We recommend purchasing travel insurance which can cover your travel expenses in the event you are unable to travel.  Unfortunately we are unable to provide refunds outside of our cancelation policy but we will provide any required information to help you get costs covered by your insurance.

Is there any chance of a one night stay?

We may be able to accommodate 1 night stays. If you need both cottages we will waive the 2 night requirement, without extra fees. Otherwise it will depend on other bookings and how busy we are. If we can accommodate a one night booking we charge an additional 25% to cover the cleaning costs. For enquiries email us at

Do you have bike storage?

We just had a new covered bike shelter built. It’s behind the garage next to the Muirneag cottage.

What if my Question isn’t answered?

The quickest way to get an answer to any questions is to email us at