Our Wee Blog: Life at The Decca

Low-Waste Living at The Decca

We strive to be responsible citizens of Earth in all we do. That means living and promoting a low-waste lifestyle here at The Decca — for all types of accommodation (B&B, self-catering, and retreats). These are some of the eco-friendly choices we have made in running this business. You may not have given this much […]

Why Retreat to The Decca?

Why should you retreat to The Decca? Well, you probably shouldn’t. It’s hard to get here (all the ferries and planes, oh my!), we’re almost at the northernmost tip of this island, there are only 3-4 places nearby to go out and eat (fewer on Sundays), and there’s no high street shopping (just one-of-a-kind beauties […]