Local Treasures: Loch Stiapabhat

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Local Treasures: Loch Stiapabhat

Loch Stiapabhat is a local nature reserve that is most well-known as being a habitat for the critically endangered corncrakes.

The viewing observatory is approximately 500 metres or 0.3 miles from The Decca. It’s a lovely shelter with plenty of windows that lets you view the birds from inside. This is great because they can’t see you, but also in case of rain. We’ve seen swans, geese, heron, and a variety of smaller birds from inside the observatory; some people have seen sea eagles and corncrakes as well.

We’re proud to partner with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) as one of only 5 accommodation partners on the Isle of Lewis (2 of 6 if you count both cottages 😉) in their Sleeping with Corncrakes initiative.

Parking & Accessibility

There is no parking available at the loch or observatory, but if you’re staying at The Decca (lucky you!), it’s a flat walk to get there. You will have to walk through the crofting fields, so there can be some uneven ground as well as sheep and/or cows grazing on the machair. (No toilets.)

Safety Information

Please be careful around livestock and birds that may be in the crofting fields and take special care to ensure all gates are properly closed behind you.



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