Local Treasures: Port of Ness Beach

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Local Treasures: Port of Ness Beach

Port of Ness Beach is a gorgeous beach with a large breakwater to shelter boats and views to the mountains on the mainland on clear days.

It is 1.3 miles away from The Decca, which google tells us is a 26-minute walk or a 3-minute drive.

For beach access, park near the slipway then walk back down the road just past The Breakwater Cafe. There are stairs behind the cafe leading down toward the old beach slipway (not shown in the image below), which is undergoing refurbishment and is currently closed to cars and boats. You can also walk past the Harbour View Gallery and there may be pedestrian access via the old slipway (depending on the construction works).

Parking & Accessibility

There are parking spaces if you drive past The Breakwater Cafe toward the stone breakwater and boat slipway. There are lovely views there both out to the ocean and back toward the beach, which is ideal for those with mobility challenges who can’t manage the stairs or slope of the old boat slipway behind the Harbour View Gallery. (No toilets at the beach, but stop into The Breakwater Cafe for ice cream or meal and you can use the facilities there.)

Beach Safety Information

Please see our blog post about Beach Safety for important information about UK beaches.



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