Local Treasures: Port Stoth Beach

Local Treasures: Port Stoth Beach

Port Stoth is a lovely wee sheltered beach that we consider fantastic for swimming (if you don’t mind the cold water of Scottish beaches 😉). The water is typically clear with colours ranging from turquoise to teal and the cliffs have loads of little cracks that the sea birds will nest in.

It is 1.3 miles away from The Decca, which google tells us is a 26-minute walk or a 3-minute drive.

Parking & Accessibility

There is a small concrete parking area at the top of the ridge on the road toward the Butt of Lewis. People also often park near the side of the road there, but if you do this, please be careful and make sure other cars can still get by since it’s a one-lane road to the lighthouse. There is a sloping walk down an old boat slipway to get to the beach. The pavement is crumbling and worn, so wear good footwear if you’re heading down there (from experience, we can assure you it’s not very comfortable to walk up barefoot). (No toilets.)

Beach Safety Information

Please see our blog post about Beach Safety for important information about UK beaches.



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