NW Lewis: Steinacleit Stone Circle

NW Lewis: Steinacleit Stone Circle

As you’re driving from Stornoway to Ness, just past Barvas and Baile an Truiseil (English: Ballantrushal) you’ll see a brown sign on your right for “Steinacleit Stone Circle.” While not nearly as famous (or extensive) as Calanais, Steinacleit Stone Circle overlooks Loch an Duin, a small loch with a wee stone island in the middle.

According to Historic Environment Scotland:

“Steinacleit lay hidden, until crofters clearing peat in the 1920s uncovered a large circular structure and an oval walled enclosure.

Steinacleit was originally thought to be a Neolithic stone circle and chambered cairn, though comparisons with similar structures show it may actually be a prehistoric farmstead, with house and yard.”

Parking & Accessibility

There is a small (gravel and dirt) parking area at the site. To reach the stone circle, you’ll walk approximately 5 minutes up a hill (through the machair) and cross a stream. (No toilets.)


Steinacleit Stone Circle & Loch an Duin


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